Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Vegas Baby!

Landan and I just returned from our anniversary trip to Las Vegas. We stayed at the Stratosphere. We watched a lot of people jump from the top and they paid 100.00 to do it. CRAZY! Here is Landan looking down from the top while drinking his dew.
We of course had to play the nickel slots.

We spent some time at the pool. I was trying to get rid of my neon legs and farmers tan. And of course I had to bring along a trashy magazine to read.

We were able to go to dinner with our long lost family who lives in Vegas. It was fun to see them.

My boys didn't seem to care that I left them. Upon my return they just made their list of requests such as waffles and chips and to watch "little Einsteins" Addie was sick the whole time we were gone. Poor girl! and poor Carlene!!.

The kids in their 4 for 10.00 t- shirts from Vegas. I guess it is good to be home.


Megz said...

You looked as bronze as a penny. Or maybe the color on my computer is off.....
Looked like a fun quick getaway that you richly deserved!

LC said...

What? no jumping off the Stratosphere for you guys?

I'd rather lounge at the pool too.
You look great!

Diana said...

Wow you look great in your suit! Nice work on all that running - it's paid off!

(You don't KNOW neon dear. I would make you look bronzed and beautiful. Janae always makes me stand next to her so she feels better about herself. It's sorta rude, but I do it anyway. ;)

And I think you should've totally taken a leap off the stratosphere. Come on. It can't be much scarier than marriage - to which you were celebrating. :)

LOVE the 4 for 10 dollar welcome home gifts. If only all things for children were priced so well. :)

Diana said...

Oh and PS... I love the name Gavin, (well more than most boy names -- those are hard for me.) and although Tyson has not used up a veto card on it, his demeanor toward it doesn't convince me it will be among the names on our starting line up. So I just keep throwing it out in the universe for kicks and giggles.

T said...

Vegas baby! way to defeat the farmer's tan.

I'm still pale enough to attract moths at night... true story!

the stratosphere would do better business if they had people pay to NOT be thrown from the top.

Linsey said...

Happy Anniversary!

Harmony said...

fun fun!! We have always wanted to get together with john and em when we have been out there but it never works out. :(

PJ - Our life said...

Looks like you guys had fun!!

Marche said...

Ha!! We just got back from staying there too for our honey moon. So many people and we didn't even run into each other! Crazy! I loved it had such a great time.

Kelly said...

Laying by the pool with a magazine is the best thing ever! Especially with US weekly or Life & Style or Ok or whatever. Emmy and I go every Saturday to the Spanish Fork pool when Anthony is home from biking so if you can ever get away, call us or meet us there.

And what Huff family pic is complete with out a Dew?