Monday, July 12, 2010

summer days

Peyton is such a pain in the butt. He listens to no one and he is in to everything. As my mom says, it is a good thing he is cute.

I ran another 5k on Saturday. It was the Mona run through the lavender fields 5k. I have to say I was very shocked to discover that there were over 1,000 runners.. I finished about two minutes slower than my average time. I was disappointed with that. However, I really enjoyed running through the lavender fields. Quite a fun run for a race.
My race statistics

Overall: 126th

overall female: 38/629

age group: 8/93

I am now in the process of training for a 10k, 3k and half marathon.

Trey singing high school musical song


Megz said...

I wanna a boy who can sing from tween musicals!
Good job on your lavender running. Maybe the fumes slowed you down that extra two minutes?

Diana said...

I saw an advertisement for the Lavendar run in the 26.2 running store in AF when I was buying shoes the other day. I was thinking that would be a fun race. What half are you running? I would invite you to run the full in Layton with me in October, but I fear you would kick my trash and I'd rather just speculate about that rather than KNOW it. Did I mention I'm pysched to run the full but a little "OHMYGOSH CAN I DO THAT?" freaking out too? It's October 9th. So I got like 3 months. Good thing I have a buddy running with me that believes in the 9-10 minute mile. ;)

And no worries about pain in the butt kids. Alex spent some time with my 1 year old nephew and has learned to baby talk to the point where it makes my blood boil. It's only her cute looks, her brief run-ins with being adorable and naps that have kept her alive. :)

LC said...

Hey! Awesome run! That is a heck of a lot of people. One of them was my running friend from down here. She said it was fun but very rocky and dang crowded!
We have a 10k down here Aug. 14 wanna come?

Kelly said...

Way to go Steph! That's awesome!