Tuesday, July 6, 2010

happy 4th or 5th

We decided to be different this year and go to the zoo instead of the parade. It was very crowded I probably won't do that again. Grandma Patty came along for the adventure. We had a lot of fun.
Peyton and Grandma on the train.

Addie was being sassy, so landan tried to feed her to the giraffe.

We went to Red Robin after the zoo to eat lunch.

Later in the evening we went to Grandma Carla's and Grandpa Jim's, for a barbecue and fireworks. It was a very fun day for the kids. Especially since they got to stay up until after 10 pm.

Addie got new hair. She really wanted to blond hair so Carlene added some into her braids. She thinks she is pretty cool.

Hallie, Addie and Ariana got braids. Ariana which is Hallie's cousin on the other side looks so much like Addie it is scary. She definitely could pass for Addie's younger sister.


LC said...

They sure do look alike!
Never would have thought of the zoo for the 4th. Good you still got some fireworks in. So fun to stay up late!

Megz said...

Who doesn't want to be a blonde?
Zoo versus the parade....both smelly, people trying to rip you off on specialty trinkets--- either way you get tired and sweaty.
Way to celebrate!

Harmony said...

Wow she does look like Addie crazy!!

Diana said...

Blonde have more fun.....everyone knows this. Her hair turned out super cute and you should steal that Addie look a like. She's just as adorable as her counterpart.

I'm glad to hear someone else's child can be a sassy-pants. We are in the middle of trying to enstill in Alexandra that we are, indeed, the boss. I'm pretty sure she'll come to realize this fact round about age 21-25.

Lacee DeG said...

I did a double take...they DO look a LOT alike, craaaaazy!