Friday, October 22, 2010

aren't we a funny people

I love facebook and I hate facebook.  It is so good for keeping in touch with friends, new and old.  It is how I find out everything that is going on in my family, neighborhood etc... 
I personally love when people use it to post pics of their kids and the cute things they say ( I better love it because I am sure guilty of it)  I love it because it is nice and shows me how much they love them. Makes me feel that I can relate to them, we have something in common.

I love when people use it to send out reminders of events that are coming up!  I can always use the extra reminder.

I love it when people just post funny things that put a smile on my face.

I love it in times of tragedy, grief and sadness how people reach out with their kind words to show love and support.
I love that anybody can ask any sort of question and someone has the answer. For example: last year I wanted to surprise my mom with a CD of Chester the chubby elf, a record we used to dance and sing to at Christmas time.  I couldn't find it anywhere on the Internet, so I threw it out there on facebook and within minutes, good friend Shirley had the answer of where to find it.  That was so awesome!

I love all the dinner ideas, and fun activities for the family I have discovered by reading friends posts.

But I am amazed at how sometimes facebook turns into a place where people state things that they would never be so bold to say in person. 
I hate it when people post mean things because I can't turn away from it.  I feel that it is my obligation to stick up for whomever I think is getting the bad rap.  I realize it rarely does me or anyone else any good.  It usually just makes the problem bigger and messier with more people getting involved... but I can't help myself.

I hate it when people post something on facebook but then act mad that People know about it.  I want to scream "duh you just posted it for 400+ people and you are going to get mad that people are talking about it. What part of facebook did you not understand?"
I hate it when facebook fights turn into grammar/spelling lessons instead of sticking to the topic in debate.

I hate it when people claim they are not drama, but everything they post on facebook is drama.  If   a drama mama is who you are, wear your title proudly.
I hate that I am posting about facebook on my blog and that I am on facebook and have a blog. (But I love it!)  Truly truly a love/hate relationship with facebook.  kind of like my addiction to diet coke only there is nothing I hate about diet coke...

So I am going to sign off with my facebook advice:  If it isn't something you would ever say to someones face, don't say it on facebook. 


Megz said...

Amen. Just like all the celebs who text their mistresses and seem surprised they got caught.....(still sad about Tiger. sigh)
Nothing is private if you post it!

Lacee DeG said...

Wow! I've never actually seen a "what I love about FB" list before. I love the list!! Agreed..!

The Wendler Family said...

Your blog posts should have a like button, like on facebook. ;)
Great post. Agree with you completely.

cold cocoa said...

I agree..I have to only say what I'd feel comfortable saying if I was to see them at the store an hour later.

It's hard sometimes! i just have to walk away..and 90% of the time I do. It's that other 10 percent...

Diana said...

I absolutely love this list. It's awesome. My biggest gripe about Facebook is when people say something along the lines of

"I am so ticked off/mad/sad/etc!" and then when people ask why, they respond with, "I don't want to talk about it." THEN SHUT UP in the first place.

Absolutely drives me batty. I feel like the only thing you should bring up is things you are willing and able to discuss.

And end soap box. I shoulda just said I agree with you and walked away, but see how I just can't NOT add my two cents?