Sunday, October 10, 2010

Because I have to throw a post out like this occasionally

What does it mean to be Christ like?  Or even just a good person?

People of my same faith often get a bad rap.  It makes me mad when we are misrepresented and accused of things that are not true.. However, sometimes I think some members bring it on themselves with their 'holier than thou" attitudes.
So I ask you, what does it mean to be a good christian?  Here is what I came up with... this is my own opinion and I am not preaching. I also am not suggesting that I am perfect in the areas I will mention.  Because that would be very FALSE!!!

I think being  a good christian means we are always striving to do our best.  I also think it means we admit when we make mistakes.  We correct our wrongs and we are honest with ourselves and others.  A friend of mine once told me that I am brutally honest about myself.   I took that as a compliment.  I don't want to be one that portrays somebody that I am not.  I want people to see  me as a good person for the good that I do, not for the good that I preach that I do.

I think being a good christian means we don't judge others.  One lesson I have learned in the last couple of years is unless you are the one in the situation you really don't know what it is like or what the whole story is.. give people credit that they are doing their best and making the best decisions for them.

Ask people if there is some way you can help.. don't offer unsolicited advice.

Be tolerant of others.  This doesn't mean condoning behaviors against your personal belief system, but it does mean allowing them to make their own choices.  We don't have a right to tell others what they are doing wrong, unless they ask us for our opinions.

stick up for others.. I have learned that sometimes this doesn't get the results that I had hoped for.. in fact, sometimes, I feel that I have been punished for sticking up for people.  But I still think it is the right thing to do.

teach through example.  I think this means be yourself, live the way you know is best.  but don't tell people how great you are.. If you are truly great, others will see it and want to be like you.

Serve others.  Even if it is inconvenient or uncomfortable

Love one another.. Jesus said love everyone!


Kristen said...

Loved this. You are a beautiful person inside and out and I'm glad I've been able to get to know you better. I agree with you 100% - we should love each other regardless. We should NOT have a "holier than YOU" attitude, and we should stick up for each other.

You are awesome! Thanks for the reminder.

Megz said...

I take notes during conference of what I hope other people are gleaning. And then I get angry when they don't heed my advice. Wait. Was this post aimed at me??
All joking aside, you do a very good job at your non-judging. I'm too fond of the gavel myself....
Hope this post was cathartic!

cold cocoa said...

good things to think about! I think it only gets harder once you judge someone, too. Once you think you're doing something better or judge them as making bad choices, then you stop loving them and start looking down on them, which helps no one. It really hurts to listen to gossip too, because you'll get an unclear picture of someone or a situation that will taint your own feelings. And who knows what is true?

Good stuff we need to remember every day! Thanks for the Sunday subject too. Now I got my scripture study done for the day. Ha ha.

Lacee DeG said...

I loved when President Monson talked about the "dirty laundry" during the RS broadcast. Maybe FB should be banned! LOL!

T said...

You rock... you know that right?

LC said...

Man, you are totally on the same page as Pres. Monson with his talk to the R.S.
Good stuff!
I think as women we need to hear those lessons again and again.

Marche said...

I loved this, it is so true and I am glad I read this today. It was very uplifting.

Diana said...

I'm glad you have to throw a post out like this occasionally. Because it resonated with me.

I agree 100%. Nice work