Wednesday, October 13, 2010

things keeping us busy

The beginning of October my mom, sisters and I went on a girls trip to St. George.
 We stayed in a very nice house owned by Carlene's inlaws.  We all got our own rooms.  Hooray! because I didn't want to hear anyone snoring or talking into the wee hours.
 We went to see a play at Tuacahn.  It was raining and so it was canceled.
 Angie, Kristine and my mom were so upset...
 so very disappointed.
 So went back to the house and ran up and down the stairs and then went to the movie "you again" in our pajamas.
 We all had a good time.
In much sadder family news, 5 year old niece, Lily died of a severe reaction to E-Coli bacteria. (She is the one in pink pants)  She was a very sweet girl.  We will miss her.

 In very happy family news, we were able to go watch Foed and Kelly legally adopt Chad and then become an eternal family.

Addie, chad and Kelton inside the court building after finalization.

We went to the pumpkin patch with Grandma Carla.  The kids had loads of fun.

Addie jumping of the hay.

Trey also went to a different pumpkin patch with his preschool class. 

Addie had a tea party with a couple of friends from school.  That is all for now!


Harmony said...

You are so good at keeping up on your blog. I need to take lessons!

Megz said...

LOVE the picture of Trey at his preschool field trip. Could you get any more 'tude than that?

Diana said...

It's not even the official middle of October yet and look at all you've accomplished!

So sorry to hear about your neice. I really don't think I would handle the death of any of my children very well so I really hope that is not my trial in this life. REALLY, REALLY a LOT.

Happy to hear about the adoption and also happy to hear you got to have some girl time. Was You Again any good? I want to see it, but seeing as I don't ever get to watch movies I'm not wasting my one trip out of the house without kids on a movie flop.

And I LOVE Trey's pumpkin patch pic. Clearly, he's all about this trip. So funny.

Linsey said...

I'm sorry about your niece, so very sad.

Y'all are definitely keeping busy these days, thanks for the update.

LC said...

That is a lot of stuff going on--hooray for the good--like girls trips in st. george! Hope you came back refreshed. Boo for the bad--getting rained out at Tuacahn???Dang.
And so sorry to hear about your niece.