Tuesday, October 26, 2010

mom and daughter weekend

So it was the annual Mom and Daughter girls trip with Carlene and Hallie.  We went miniature golfing, did lots and lots of shopping, and went to fun places to eat.
 Addie and Hallie totally didn't get the competitive part of mini golf.  They just usually placed their ball in the hole and ran off to the next one.  At least they had fun.

 We took advantage of Saturday nights kids eat free.
 See how grateful my child is to get free food.
 we bought bracelets to support a good cause.
 The rats left Hallie and Addie presents.  Good thing we didn't see the rats
 Addie woke up with her hair looking like this
 We enjoyed yummy food and root beer floats at Red Robin

Addie wanted me to write that we had so much fun that the adults were too worn out and Addie had to drive us home.


Megz said...

Addie looks way too comfortable behind that wheel. You better watch out.

Effie said...

what a fun tradition!

Diana said...

Dude... you may be in trouble with Addie in the longest year known to man... you know, the one between 15 and 16.

She looks like she'd be fine with "borrowing" the car.... ;)