Saturday, December 13, 2008

A day of dancing and partying

The Hula Dancers! Who knew Grandpa Huff was such an awesome dancer!?
Today was a big day! Addie had a dance performance bright and early this morning. It was lovely. My camera is having issues though and I hardly got any decent pictures. The only mishap was Addie's pants falling down during her jazz dance.

We also had the Huff family Christmas party. We had a lot of fun with hula dancing, basketball and the nativity story . The Angels!

One of the three kings!

Trey was only interested in basketball and food.

Look at that kid!

Trey and Addie practicing dance!!

Addie pants falling down. Poor girl

her class right before performing. The only picture I got before my camera had issues.


Diana said...

sports and food already? Oh man you are in for it with Trey.

Poor Addie. Although, this can't be the end of embarrassing moments... especially if you have a life like mine. Laugh it up. It's easier to take. :)

Allison said...

SO cute!!! Addie is such a little performer! I bet she is fun to have around! Looks like you had a busy and fun day!!

Megz said...

Trey does look like a natural.
Did Addie know the show must go on even if her costume falls off? Or did she have a meltdown? Dang those learning experiences! And dang her slender hips!

PJ - Our life said...

Where was her performance at? Let us know next time she has one, I'm sure Mac would love to watch her.

In Mac's performance her tutu was falling off, but luckily she came off stage for a moment & I was able to pull it up before she had to go back out. How did Addie handle it?

The Jensens said...

Oh poor addie!

Denise said...

You had a busy weekend! Good Job Addie!

Emily said...

Sounds busy! My boys love to play basketball too..just like their dads!! As far as Addies pants falling off...she still looked cute and at least she has on a leotard underneath. If not...that might have been bad.

Kirsten said...

Your kids are GORGEOUS! I could stare at them all day! :)