Saturday, December 20, 2008

What a Life!!

props to Landan because he certainly works hard. However, he also play hard and I am a bit jealous. When is the last time I got to spend my Saturday at the Gym followed by several hours of xbox, and then several more hours of watching football. Now, perhaps these activities wouldn't be my activities of choice, but it would be nice to be able to be kid free and care free for that many hours.
Trey following in his daddy's footsteps!You are never too young to start being obsessed with entertainment systems.


Diana said...

AMEN!! I am aware that I take advantage of girl's night, but good gandi, sometimes it seems that those boys get the rest of the time!

Boys sure do have it hard.... :)

Megz said...

What are you whining about? All you do is sit at home all day and get to play with the little angels.
And how can it be relaxing to watch your football team lose or to have your brother kick your behind on the XBox? He does have it rough! You better go do his laundry and make him a hot dinner to make up for your badittude.

cold cocoa said...

I think you should take up Xbox so he sees what it's like...eye for an eye. Or you can hide the xbox in a really good place and blame it on Trey.