Monday, December 1, 2008

I miss my baby......... a sappy post

It was last year at this time that I brought home a brand new baby boy from Alabama. He was and is the most precious little baby. However, I was wishing for him to grow up fast. I needed my sleep (waaah, I know). Now I just wish I could go back in time and snuggle this little guy. Where does the time go? four weeks old

six weeks with cousin waylon or as I like to say Pey-Pey and Way-Way

3 days old

5 days old


Linsey said...

I am never happy, either they are growing too fast or too slowly. My baby is almost 1 and I can't believe it!

Denise said...

Oh, he was and still is so ADORABLE! Maybe you should jsut get another one! ;)

Megz said...

Peyby is getting big. I'm with Denise. Just go get yourself another one. Don't even tell Landan. It'll be the best Christmas surprise ever!

The Jensens said...

I miss baby pey pey too- but if he was a tiny baby again, who would tell you no no no and shake his finger. LOL!! Kynley will be here soon and you can snuggle her- I wanted Kelton to grow up fast too, and now he is and its sad. I hope kynley grows up slow, but I know it will fly by just like kelt.

Diana said...