Thursday, December 4, 2008

I am a kitten killer

Our stray cat that adopted us a while back had kittens. They were very adorable kittens. Notice I said "were" because unfortunately about a week ago, I unknowingly took three of them on a ride with me to Grandma's house. Let's just say none of them made it to grandma's house but some got close. We found dead kitties going back home. Addie saw one of them on the road going home and vomited. Poor girl!

A few days later, Landan came in from work and said "Did you know you closed the garage door on one of the kittens?"

We now have one kitten left. I hope they all made it to kitty heaven.


Denise said...

Oh, that is SO SAD!!!!!!!!!!! I once hit a dog coming home from work and I still have heart ache about it.

Are you keeping the last kitten?

PJ - Our life said...

That sucks! Poor Addie :( But, remember it runs in the family!!

Megz said...

Dude. I'm sorry for the kitties and all but they are in a better place. A place where there are no garage doors, no grasping toddler hands, and no automobiles to hide under/in/on. And how could this not happen? How many kitties have died by garage doors in the family? It's time to kick the cats out of the garage and into your bed where they belong! And while you're at it, get another dog for Landan.

The Jensens said...

oh no!! How sad- I hit a cat once and while I don't care for cats I felt really bad, mostly because it ruined something on my car, and Landon had to fix it...LOL Just kidding- Poor Addie. Remember when I think it was kristine put a kitty in the freezer?

Oh and thanks again for the christmas present!! That was very very nice of you-

cold cocoa said...

That is sad. I am traumatized from when I was a kid and the garage door closed on one of our kittens.
I'm telling you- pets are just too hard.

Emily said...

I shouldn't be laughing but I am. I mean what are the odds that you would kill so many. Are you sure you like cats? That is very sad. I hope Addie recovers and I hope your cat doesn't have any more kittens!!

Diana said...

Geez.... at least wait until they are out of the cute kitten stage and into that not-so-adorable adult cat look. (no, not a cat lover. Shocking, I'm sure.)

Some people can sing beautiful arias, play symphonies, design ornate buildings.... apparently, you just happened upon a talent a bit more taboo. Oopsie. Maybe next time you're in heaven, stand in a different line. :)