Tuesday, December 21, 2010

top things to do on snow days

 Top things to do on snow days: besides clean out closets and fight with the 7 year old who thinks cleaning her room requires moving out.  Because surely I don't love and appreciate her if I ask her to do such strenuous tasks.  (Her words not mine)
 make gingerbread houses
 make sugar cookies
 eat sugar cookies
 go on a ride in the tractor with cousin Maddux and Uncle Bones
 have a snowball fight
 build a snowman
 pose for the camera... and make sure to have at least one child use socks for gloves
 throw snow at the camera person
 sip hot cocoa with candy canes
make jello stars and eat them.  Some might have had a little bit of toe jam in them as well.


Linsey said...

Snow days at your house are nothing short of AWESOME!

Diana said...

I can't believe you guys got so much snow. I think parts of my grass are poking through and I live but a little over an hour away!

And I love what a horrible mother you are being by turning your beauty queen into a cinderella. Are you secretly a step-mother and just won't own up to it? Do you have a cat named after Satan? These are things we must know before we can take sides on who is right. I am glad to see, though, there are other mothers on the planet vying for that most mean mother position. Vying for it being the operative word, as the crown will most surely be mine. But I'll give you a fancy wave on my float during Onion Days. No worries.

LC said...

What fun you are having in your winter wonderland!
I like the socks for gloves--very practical.

Megz said...

Remind me to not eat jigglers at your house....
I was really tempted to put grocery bags over my kids boots yesterday to make them stay outside longer. That's kinda like socks on the hands, right?

Marche said...

I just love to read your blog!! It makes me smile! When I do, I also think of another friend who has adopted two boys... they are trying to adopt again, it's been a while, they had a tragic, and their youngest died in March of 2009..but they now have decided to try to adopt again...here is their link..I would love to share them with you! :)


smiles! :) I hope your Christmas is great!