Sunday, December 26, 2010

christmas eve christmas day

 Christmas Eve morning my kids were up bright and early.  They were so excited about the day.  It started with a yummy family breakfast, followed by opening their pajamas and presents from each other.
 new jammies by the tree
 Then it was off to the Huff-Montgomery party.  The kids had alot of fun playing with this race car track. Trey and Peyton got to take a track of their very own home with them.
 We played "don't forget the lyrics" with Christmas songs.  I was really good at this game.  Then we rushed home to get in bed so Santa could come to our house.
 Christmas morning was magical.  Trey was delighted to get all three traffic signs he asked Santa to give him.
 PJ was ecstatic about getting his paper Jamz guitar.
 and they got a Thomas the train track to share.  Trey got Rosie the train and PJ got Duncan.
 Addie was thrilled to find two new gymnastics suits.
 But most of all, she was very VERY excited to get her school teacher set up..  This is included desk and chair, barbie laptop, whiteboard, awesome leopard print lamp and all of the desk drawers were filled with teaching supplies such as stickers, notebooks, calendar, planner, scissors, glue sticks, stapler and so on....  She said it was the best Christmas ever.  She even said she was glad she got this instead of the ipod touch she asked for.
Christmas afternoon we went to the DeGraffenried family party.  We opened up the letters we wrote to ourselves 5 years ago.   We had a couple pinatas, talent show and came home with a year supply of food. Which is what we said we wanted.  I made sure to include diet coke and ketchup with my year supply request and I was not disappointed.  My mom and Carlene made cute aprons for all of the grand daughters.

Christmas was so good to us, I think we might do this again in 364 days.


LC said...

Magical is the perfect word to describe a Christmas morning with kids. Such a fun stage of life.

I love the little drawers filled with school supplies. I think I want that for Christmas too...or maybe the ipod touch.

Megz said...

Looks like you had a successful Christmas, road signs included.
Just much Diet Coke constitutes a year supply?

Michelle said...

Did Santa forget to bring pants for your boys? :)

cold cocoa said...

I want to see that year's supply of diet coke and ketchup! Can you take a picture of that for me?
I agree though- a year's supply has to have things that you will need to keep sane and happy! What about candy?

Diana said...

What did your letter say? Are you on track with your "future" current plans? :)

Looks like your kids worked off all the black marks you mean ol mom gave them just in time to be spoiled! How fun! :D

Now they are just going to be expected to be on their good behavior without the threat of no presents. I'm not sure how that's going to work out for my house....