Wednesday, December 8, 2010

the fun never ends

We are definitely staying busy around our place. 

 We took the kids to see the lights at temple square for the first time.  It was a beautiful night.  Trey asked me what princess lived in the castle.  I had no idea he wouldn't know that was the temple.  However, he did think Provo town center was a temple.
 We have also recently been to the childrens museum.  We got our tickets from living social.  We were able to all go for 20 bucks.  My kids love this place more and more each time we go.
My parents took Landan and I to Texas roadhouse for my birthday. 
We went to the Santaquin light parade.
The kids were making Christmas pictures and  after leaving them unsupervised for a few minutes this is what we saw.  I don't know what everyone is supposed to be except that Addie said Trey is Rudolph.
this was fun scrubbing off in the tub!


Diana said...

Um, in some ways I can wait a little longer until Alexandra gets crafty enough to paint Samantha's face. Or how about never. :)

You can say (if you really need to) that I am the princess that lives in the temple. Princess Diana is already a household name (well, maybe not to that generation) and I'm pretty sure the Salt Lake Temple (since it's my fav) will strongly resemble my mansion in heaven. (should God have a big sense of humor) So I'm willing to just start claiming it now. Only for the children, of course, lest I get struck by lightning....

Megz said...

Hey, the mall is a temple to some people. And it does have that awesome train now....

Michelle said...

I had the same thought as Megz about the mall/temple. Happy belated birthday. I am so glad that you are enjoying the season and have access to such fun things.

LC said...

I hope there's a mall and a temple/mansion in heaven for me.
I see lightning.