Sunday, December 5, 2010

more happenings

Before I forget to mention it again... We had a great Thanksgiving.  We had Thanksgiving with the Huff Clan.  We had a fun time visiting and eating and then going to see "Tangled"

Thanksgiving morning, Carlene and I ran the Earn your Turkey 4 miler in 7 degrees.  It was as terrible as it sounds.

This week I took my kids shopping to buy their friends christmas gifts.   It is fun to see what they think their friends will enjoy.

We had a fun time at the Heelis Christmas party.  My kids won prizes and got to visit with Santa for the second time this season. 

 This is us before heading out to the party

 Peyton wanted to show Santa is Thomas the train shirt.
 Trey wants to make sure Santa knows to bring him Rosie the train and candy.
Santa reminded Addie she was on naughty watch and said she needs to help out at home.  He was really nice about it .. BUT... Addie still burst into tears after getting off of his lap... made me feel bad for a moment.  I am just hoping she will learn something from all of this.


cold cocoa said...

I didn't know the Santa at the family party was all-knowing! How did you work that one out?

Megz said...

I have to admit it was hilarious seeing Addie cry after Santa's admonition. Hilarious in that sad sort of way!
Dude--you need to not do 5Ks from Nov-March! Too much risk of those negative temps.

Michelle said...

Poor Addie. Did it help her behavior?

LC said...

Good to see you guys at the party!
Cannon must have been reminiscing about the party because he told me today out of the blue, "I don't want to sit on Santa's lap."

Diana said...

LOL... I'm sure you felt bad, but you gotta admit that is so cute for her tender heart.

And a 5K in November... good girl! I of course am still on the swearing off running until April/May after my marathon. I'll be back good friend, in due time... no worries. The same way women have more than one child. Amnesia.