Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The most wonderful time of the year

Lately, Pj has been waking up so early in the morning, I have been making him watch Disney channel in my room while I stay in bed trying to sleep.  This morning I did fall asleep and woke up with no PJ in sight.  I found him at the computer naked as a jaybird.  Is this what we would call the butt crack of dawn?

 We went to the mall for a winter photo.  Kiddie Kandids is back in business and I got a coupon for a free 11x14 so I said "Let's do it"
 Here is their pic.  They no longer give the pictures the same day.  It won't be done until Dec 20th.
 Carlene and her gang also did pictures.  My mom came along as well to try and get grand kids to cooperate.
This is what the girls did to entertain themselves while waiting.
 Then my kids went to see Santa again.  PJ loves Santa and ran to him, hopped right on his lap and started talking to him
 We saw Judy at the mall and she went on the train with us.
 We also went to the Christmas store.  My kids loved it!  But it is definitely not a store for 6 little terrors.
 For family night we went with my mom and dad to see festival of the lights and the lights and Salem Pond.  Addie loved being able to stick her head out of the moon roof.  She waved to all the people.  She felt like miss America
My boys loved the lights!  They oohed and awed and grunted at all of the neat lights.  It was a fun night.

I am making sure that this year we do as many Christmas activities as possible.  In years past, I feel like it sneaks up on me and we miss out on doing a lot of fun things.


Megz said...

I'm glad you could help Kiddie Kandids come out of their bankruptcy.
We're going to try to cram all our Christmas festivities in those three school-less days before actual Christmas. Those are going to be loooong days!

Michelle said...

Too funny, "butt" what's with the nakedness? The ones that love to be naked at our house have trouble doing so by themselves.

Diana said...

I love the butt crack of dawn. That is hysterical.

I totally concur that every year I wish I could've done more in the Christmas season. :)

cold cocoa said...

Way to be really festive! I'm thinking I need to do that too. And I'm not sure why sitting naked in a chair would feel good? Isn't it freezing so early? Ha ha..hope you sanitized the chair after!

LC said...

I love the moon-roof. Great feature for the light parade.
Lots of fun to be had at the mall!
I better get up there :)