Thursday, May 27, 2010


A lot of events in the last couple of days. We are right in the middle of the Special Olympics state meet. My kids love this one. They get all of the free food they want and foods like pizza, sno cones, cotton candy,popcorn.... Addie, Trey and Peyton loved the dunking tank.

Addie had people fix her hair and do her nails.

We watched our athletes run

Peyton and Trey decided they had enough. I am sure they were sick from all of the sugar besides being ready to go home

Trey started kickball. There wasn't much action from him. But he looked cute out there.

Addie giving Trey a high five.

Addie had her first grade program and picnic. The program was about 10 minutes long. Hooray!!

After the program with cousin mackley. Now they are second graders.

Carlene and I took my mom to dinner for mothers day.


Lacee DeG said...

So Fun!!!

Diana said...

That pic of Trey and PJ wanting to leave seriously cracked me up. The emotion is written ALL over their face. :)

So cute.

wendy said...

how fun!! cartwheels make me dizzy, did i see Nebo gymn on your last post?

Megz said...

Trey is a cute kickballer.

LC said...

I am thinking Addie has a movie star life with someone to do her hair and what could be better than free cotton candy?
Great pictures.