Thursday, May 6, 2010

torch run and other stuff

We ran the torch run today. We started at the Red Barn in Santaquin. Addie ran beside me for quite awhile. She did a really good job. We stopped at the City Center to see the mayor. (also known as dad or grandpa Jim)

Addie got to stick her head out the roof and Trey is half way out the window, while driving through Salem. We decided the torch run is the only time we can get away with driving next to policemen and not worrying about seat belts and car seats.

Addie lost another tooth. She was very excited about this tooth. She had been working on it since before Christmas.

Every Wednesday we tend my nephew, Chad. All of my kids adore him. It has been nice to use the triple jogger again.

Peyton is our mechanic. He really likes to help his dad and uncle Foed work on their cars and bikes.

Addie went on a shopping trip with her Grandma Patty and she got this beautiful dress.
I think that about covers our last week. I am way excited for Summer. No more bad weather please!!!


Megz said...

Fancy dress Addie!
Glad that triple jogger could be dusted off.

Harmony said...

I love that dress on Addie! It was fun watching her model all the dresses, but we all knew that red one was it, even Addie.

Diana said...

Wow, way to start Addie out on the running addiction early!

And a triple stroller? Yeah, I'm really just wanting a double one at this point.

Lacee DeG said...

Who new the words "triple jogger" and "fun" could really be used in the same sentence..without sarcasm even! Very impressive!!

LC said...

What a fun run.
I think it's hard work jogging with a double stroller--but a triple, now that's an intense workout.