Monday, May 31, 2010

Thomas The Train

Trey's birthday week has begun. I took him to see Thomas The Train. It was one of those times I felt it was worth every dime. Trey just had so much fun that it was fun for me and definitely a happy mom moment. This what Trey's face looked like pretty much the entire time we were on the train.
He was so happy

This was the only down moment of our day. He was very upset that he had to wait his turn to get a picture by Thomas that he forgot to shake off the frowny face when it was actually his turn. What a silly boy.

Although he loves Thomas, James is actually his favorite train. Probably because he is red and Trey loves red.

Trey was a little hesitant to leave after such a great day. We might have to do this again.


Diana said...

What a good way to start a birthday week!

I love happy mom moments. :)

Megz said...

Thomas the Train = Little boy heaven.
Glad you could experience it with him!

Wilkinson Family said...

Ooh that looks like so much fun! What a fun birthday activity, I'm going to write that down to do next year :)
I was looking back through some of your posts and noticing that your Peyton and my Gracen are very similar! They like to get into things, dress up and have way to much energy to know what to do with (well they know what to do, I get exhausted too fast). Your post about 'Alvin' made me smile, that is Gracen to a T!

cold cocoa said...

That looks like something i want to do in a few years! FUn!