Tuesday, May 18, 2010

graduation and celebrations

Graduation present from Trey's preschool teacher.
Trey had his preschool program today. Since he is just three and has another year of preschool he didn't graduate but got a certificate. He was a little scared up in front of everyone. But he did better than I thought he might.

The reason you see Pj's head in this photo is because the stinker climbed up there and sat down while they were singing. I looked around and saw all of the proud parents with their cameras recording and decided it would be better for me to wait until the song was over before grabbing him since I didn't want to block everyone's view. Plus, I knew Peyton would start screaming when I picked him up. Sure enough when the song was over I grabbed him and he started kicking and screaming and his shoes flew off his feet. thankfully after the program someone found me and returned the shoe that I couldn't find. Why am I always the one with the naughty child?

Trey with his certificate

Trey and cousin Hallie after graduation. I wanted to get picture of all four of the cousins in preschool but it was hard to get everyone gathered. Especially since PJ was a pain in the butt!!

Don't love the picture of me but Trey looks adorable.

Addie had an end of first grade swim party yesterday. It was kind of a last minute decision but it was fun. The kids had a great time.

All of the kids love Trey's tractor. I think it was a good purchase.

I tried to get Trey singing "all that Jazz" although He sings it, he was still very aware of the camera and did not belt it out like he usually does.


Leon said...

Cute vid.
You survived graduation and a coed swim party. I call that success.

Megz said...

Above comment was actually me, naturally. But Leon would second what I said I'm sure!(hate when I don't check the login name!)

Harmony said...

umm...I think I want to steal Trey! That is the cutest thing ever!!

Diana said...

You survived...kids with sugar in their blood and water to play in?

WOW. :)

And you're not alone on the naughty child arena.