Monday, May 10, 2010

the mother of all mothers day posts

Mothers day has really made me think this year. I have friends who are celebrating being a mother for the first time. I have other friends who have many children hoping that mothers day will have a moment of peace in it. I have friends who desire to be mothers that still aren't.

Isn't mothers day an interesting day?.. Normally I am hoping landan will surprise me with an evening out or at least let me sleep in or something. I think I have finally come to terms with that just isn't going to be the case in my life. So this year I just really thought about what a blessing each of my children are to me.

I remembered the day we got Addie and the adoption agency worker handed me a card. I opened it up and read " Happy mothers Day." In all of the excitement of getting a baby I hadn't even put that together that we were getting our first baby on Mothers' day.

Addie was such a joy. She was the best little baby. Life was really good then. I have come to appreciate the simplicity of life with one child. She was and is really spoiled by people. She is very friendly and outgoing. She does really well in dance and gymnastics. We love her.

This is after we got Addie and were still in Alabama staying in my brother in laws house. He had just moved back to Utah so there was no furniture, phone or other items. Our cell phones didn't get service in Alabama (strange right?) I was completely thrown into motherhood and had no one to call. I was very tired and stressed, partly due to the fact that Addie had to be on special meds when we first got her because of an HIV scare that turned out to be nothing. I was so grateful when we were able to come home.

Since then we have added two more reasons for me to celebrate mothers day. Peyton keeps me on my toes. He full of life. Some might say too full of it. He has the cutest smile and growls at everything. He speaks his own language and loves to dress up in girly things.

Trey is..... Trey! He is unique and I love all the strange things about him. I love that he wants a number cake for his birthday. I love that he loves to read and point out octagons, and get angry when we pass a stop sign that is dirty. His prayers have turned into wish lists of getting pancakes for breakfast and nuggets for lunch.
So this mothers day, I am just thankful for three amazing children. Even if often they are amazingly naughty.


wendy said...

i love this, what sweet kids and what a great mom!!

Megz said...

Happy Mother's Day to you. Maybe when your kids are old enough they'll know they're to sleep in on this day.
So crazy to see such a little Addie.
And I'm not giving up on Land-o. He's just holding out so when he gives in to his inner sensitive man it'll be twice as sweet.

Harmony said...

Love those kids of yours!!

cold cocoa said...

Those are some nice sentiments! When in doubt, treat yourself and say it's from the kids!

Jill said...

sweet post!
your kids are beauties!