Monday, May 24, 2010

for the love of stop signs! and what the shrek

Mondays are now Landan's day off. So today we went to see an afternoon showing of Shrek 4. It was okay. Trey loved it until about ten minutes to go and then he was ready to leave. We don't often get popcorn and such at the movie theatre but this was all gift card purchased. Trey needed to use the little boys' room and fell in the toilet. His shirt was quite wet at the bottom. Poor kid! Why does that happen to the kid who already had the fear of public toilets?
Peyton is going through a phase where he either is wearing no clothes or Addie's clothes. Landan is really concerned about him. Doesn't he look great in Addie's swim suit?

Addie participated in a Cartwheel A Thon to raise money for cancer. She had 5 minutes to do as many cartwheels as she could. she did 130 in that 5 minutes.

Trey is obsessed with stop signs. The other day he asked me to get my camera and take pictures of him with stop sign. On Saturday, I went down stairs and found him sitting on the couch with an arm wrapped around his piggy bank stop sign. I asked him what he was doing and he replied" Me and stop sign is just watching Disney channel." He has also decided when he grows up he is going to be a crossing guard. Then he can hold stop signs all day. How exciting!!


Harmony said...

ha ha Trey is SO SO cute!! Love him- There is a little boy in my neighbor hood that is just like Peyton. He always has on some sort of princess dress, and his mom even goes as far as painting his nails. lol

Diana said...

Oh that is so stinkin funny about Trey! I love that he is giving the stop sign a hug.

My bet is when he gets to drive, those stop signs will still be optional. :)

Shrek, yeah..... I've really not got much desire to see it. Alex will most likely though and we all know she's the boss.

Megz said...

I wish I could cuddle up to a street sign when I watch my Disney....
Good job on Addie's cartwheels. Was she dizzy?

Kelly said...

Every time I read your blog I laugh!