Friday, May 14, 2010

the mountain dew track

I was dreading the Special Olympics area Track meet. Why? because I was going to have all three of kids there for the day and I was the only coach going. I was extremely worried about Trey and Peyton making this day impossible for me to coach. Trey has not been too fond of the track season. Mostly because we have been practicing in the underground track, which Trey thinks is spooky. Yesterday when I mentioned to Trey that we would be going to the Mountain View Track, I was surprised when he said "Hooray" Later that night I figured out why he was excited when he said to Landan " Daddy, we get to go to the Mountain Dew Track Tomorrow." I thought we were going to have a meltdown when he realized what the Mountain Dew track really was. But to my surprise it was a great day for Trey. Look below for the answer The track was full of numbers..........
and Letters. Trey stated that B is for bones and boy and bowling he continued on with

U is for undies I is for It and ice cream. N is for Nick Jonas. S is for Special agent Oso.

Addie was in heaven too. She met a boy who loves gymnastics. They spent hours saying "but can you do this?"

or this?

or this?

and last but not least PJ was happy because I allowed him to load up on sugar.

I guess going to Special Olympics track meet wasn't so bad after all. And just in case you were wondering the special olympians did great.


Diana said...

I think that's awesome that you are involved in the Special Olympics. And I'm pretty sure your kids are just about the cutest kids ever (but of course except for mine. Even if I am biased.)


Diana said...

PS... I thought for sure I might get an offering to run a marathon from you. I mean really! You're a running princess for sure!

Megz said...

I'd maybe pick up running if there was a mountain dew track.
Love that Trey learned his letters from the Disney Channel.
Isn't it great when you prepare for the worst experience and actually have a good one? Glad it all worked out! (except where was Kristine?)

Harmony said...

I love the last picture of all 3 kids running. You can always bring the kids to my house if you need someone to watch them. Out of the way I know, but I love any excuse to see my babies!

Lacee DeG said...

That is hilarious! You should print the pic of trey by the 3 and hang it up in his room! What a fun memory. I'm so glad your day was easy, breezy! Or at least better than you expected!!