Friday, May 20, 2011

girl time and pageant

Addie and I attended a mother daughter dinner last week.  We dined on pasta and bread sticks and then painted each other's nails.

 Addie and her friend with a fresh coat of paint on their toes.
 The Miss Santaquin pageant was last weekend.  PJ fell in love with Lauren Burton- current miss Utah county and one of the MC's for that night.
 Idid the choreography for Miss Santaquin.  They were a great group of girls to work with..

It was a good time as always. 


Sher said...

I'm glad this pageant was fun for you and that was a super cute picture of p.j. It's always good to get a little girl time in too.

cold cocoa said...

All those girly things look fun! What a nice skill to have to be a choreographer.

Megz said...

Fun outfits for the pageant number.
It made me want to a kick line with somebody. Or somebodies, because a two-person kick line would be sorta lame.
Anyway, I can't wait for Addie's pageant pictures next!

Diana said...

I think it's cool that the current queen is part of the number. One last hoorah before they are a has-been.

Is Addie in a pageant, or is that like an inside joke ;) ?