Sunday, May 22, 2011

I love my kids(celebrate childhood)


So today I was thinking how much I love my kids.  Despite all of their naughtiness, I find them to be quite delightful.  I really do wish they would fight less (a lot less) but in moments like this when they all get along it is priceless.

Today, before church, we were already to go except for one little detail.  We could not find one pair of shoes for Trey.  Not One!  not even gym shoes or sandals or flipflops.  After about an hour of searching we did find one pair of shoes that would work for Trey.  We put them on and left for church.  However, the shoes we found were not even Trey's.  They were cousin Waylons's lost shoes.  Moral of the story is.......
 if you can't find your church shoes at least match your tie with your shoes.

Trey is such a joy.  He makes me laugh every day.  His latest thing is brushing his teeth multiple times a day so his gums stay protected from "gingerbitis"  He loves to sing, dance, tumble, read, spell and use big words.

 So onto PJ. as pictured above shows, PJ insists on dressing himself.  He has much enthusiasm for life.. some (like myself) might say too much.. He does absolutely everything I tell him not to do.  He spends a lot of time in time out in which time he figured out how to unlock his door and escape.  I don't love the fact that he recently peed in the jockey box of my car.. but I do love the fact that he wants to help his daddy fix his car and bike, lawn mower etc.. and help me load the dishwasher and cook dinner.  Might as well put all of that energy to good use.
And then there is Addie.. I don't love when she is "Addie Attitude" or for  short Additude but I do love how she is all things girly. I enjoy going places with her.  She is a good companion one on one.  She loves to write notes of appreciation to me and her grandmas and teachers.  I also love how at age 8 she still calls the lawn mower a "mowlawner"

I think we should all celebrate our kids for the qualities that make them, well, them. We should think they are stinking cute and adorable and it is ok to say so..  it doesn't mean  I condone  their bad behaviors but  instead celebrating their childhood, which go by much quicker than we think.  Enjoy each moment.. well... at least try.


Sher said...

This is a great post and I enjoy learning more about your great kids and family through your writing. Children do grow up awfully fast!

LC said...

That was just beautiful.
That Sunday ensemble is top dawg!

cold cocoa said...

I agree- childhood is too short. And they are so cute and funny at these young ages, I really wish I could keep a 2 or 3 year old forever..

Megz said...

Haha. Love the Cars shoes...they do look rather nice with the tie.
My kids always wonder why there is a mother's day/father's day and no Kid Day. Maybe you can start one!

Diana said...

I love mowlawner. That is funny. You are right tho... kids grow up too fast and despite my girls' naughtiness, I wouldn't trade them for anything on the whole planet.