Thursday, May 26, 2011

tre cheers for Trey

The awesome Trey did it! He graduated from preschool.  I was so proud of him and the progress he had made over the last two years. 
When we arrived at graduation Miss Stacy told me that Trey was going to welcome everyone at the beginning of the program.  I was beyond shocked.  This is little timid, shy, Trey who wouldn't go to preschool without crying for the first few months.  I worried that he wouldn't really do it.  To my surprise he did! I could tell he was scared and he needed a little coaxing from Miss Stacy but he did say " Welcome to the VIP preschool program and graduation"

seven cousins/second cousins that were all VIP pre schoolers.

 Miss Stacy and Trey.  When he found out She wouldn't be his kindergarten teacher he said " maybe I don't want to go to kindergarten after all."

Trey's mom is very proud  of him

cheesing it before the program started.
PJ insisted on dressing up like Trey.  He never wants to be left out

   Grandma Carla and her four graduates.

After the summer I will have a 3rd grader a kindergartner and a preschooler.  They are getting so old


Michelle said...

Good for him. Kindergarten has been a social blessing for my shy little one. Good luck getting him to go to next fall.

Megz said...

Your boys look very dapper.
I'm very proud of Trey for overcoming those obstacles. They do grow out of a lot of their inhibitions---it only took Isaac to age 10 before he'd pray at church....

Sher said...

I like how everyone is dressed up. My kids are always the ones who wear shorts, tee shirts, and flip flops to their preschool graduations. I'm glad Trey ended up liking preschool and being willing to say something. That's great! It's hard to have everyone getting big isn't it? Congrats to Trey.

Diana said...

Congratulations to Trey! I'm with you as my child progressed so much socially that the experience was worth it!