Monday, May 2, 2011

pot stirring

Just one of the many crappy posts I will be writing in the next several months.  For those who are unaware this is about the controversy going on with the new Santaquin Sewer.. and how the town is acting like getting the new sewer is the worst thing ever because most of them have been misinformed about the subject from a small group of men who are finding joy in trying to ruin the reputation of good people.  For these men(and their wives) it isn't really even about the sewer.  It is about their egos and in their minds winning.  The main man behind it even told my dad he would ruin his life if he ran for Mayor.  Honestly, why are people listening to him?

We all know pot stirrers.  These people love to make others miserable.  My psychology answer says that they are unhappy people and since we all know misery loves company, they are dragging others down in the crap with them. However, even knowing that, I am  amazed at how many people get plopped into the crap being dumped in the pot.  What happened to giving people the benefit of the doubt? or doing research to get facts before forming an opinion?  Just because your neighbor is nice and maybe is the primary president does not make her a reliable source.  Maybe one should be so bold as to ask where they got their information?  did  they attend meetings on the matter? Did they read articles written in the paper?  Did they look at statistics? Did they talk to someone in charge of the project?  We elect city officials to make decisions on our behalf.  The reason we do this is because the average citizen in not knowledgeable enough to know what is best for his/her community.  So why are so many challenging their leaders they have voted in?  Is it because they listened to the pot stirrers, thus joining them and causing a major clog. We we all know what can happen when there is a major clog. Things start to erupt and spew.  This town has erupted and spewed with anger and contention. People are lashing out in anger and hating those who were once good friends.   I wish people would stop to think about their actions.  Should an issue be making them this angry?  Could it be that maybe the stuff they have heard is a bunch of crap?  maybe it is time to take action and start cleaning out the pot.  Every little effort will help.  With each person who steps forward and is willing to get the facts for themselves from the proper sources the pot will get a little clearer.  Pretty soon we might be able to flush away all of the negativity and once again become good neighbors and friends.


Megz said...

Nice sewer metaphors!

I hope all those Friends For Flushing will turn up in droves come November.

Sher said...

I do hope that things calm down soon. Your Dad is a good man and it is too bad that there is so much uproar over a needed sewer and so many undeserved, untrue things being said. I did like the sewer metaphors too.

cold cocoa said...

This whole Santaquin issue makes me want to go with my signs marching up and down main street. Telling people off! Really...can the nay-sayers be undone??

Meghan DeGraffenried said...

Love it Steph! My idea is to make signs(or something)and put them in all of our car windows and start spreading the word. I think we can make this turn out ok in the end, hopefully.

Diana said...

I have not heard about the controversy in Santaquin which is weird because small town politics seem to impact my family over in Payson as well and I usually hear about those.

But I agree with you on every aspect of people needing to find the facts for themselves and decide his/her support based on the facts for the issues and not WHO is presenting those facts. And I think this impacts and is bigger scale than just Santaquin, Utah County or even Utah's government. I think a whole bunch of this same concept could be said for our current federal government and our citizens. Not that I'm an Obama supporter... I didn't vote for him this election and I won't next election. But I do hope that we can work together to get to common goals focusing on ISSUES not PERSONALITIES/PARTIES or we are all in a world of hurt. Remember, we're all in the boat together, if the leaders fail, we all fail. Doesn't sound so win/win after all, eh?

I'm totally a Friend for Flushing. Nothing worse than a clogged toilet full of crap.

(And......... end soap box.)

Lacee DeG said...

One day it will all be over..Right?!?