Sunday, May 8, 2011

mom stuff

For Mother's day this year, we went to the zoo.  For the first time, all three kids enjoyed it.  PJ loved seeing all of the animals.  For real Mother's day it has been quite uneventful so far.... Landan went to work at 6 something this morning.  My kids have been their typical selves.  We went to church.  I did get a giant size peanut butter cup.

 on the train.  The only picture we have of the whole family
 the 4 kids.  Only three of them are mine.  The smallest in the bunch is nephew Chad.  He and his mom, Kelly came with us.
 PJ loves the elephants the most
The giraffes are always one of my favorites.
One of the many reasons I like being a mom is because kids are so funny.  I love hearing how they view the world.
funny sayings this week from my kids.

1.  Addie's mother's day card:  I always want to help you.  When I don't help you it is not because I don't want to, it is because I don't feel like it.
2.  Me to Trey:  Don't you know it hurts my feelings when you and PJ fight?  Trey to me: We have a problem I want to better your feelings but I want PJ's to feel bad.
3.  Me to Trey:  Why do we have mother's day? Trey to me: because it isn't father's day. Is Daddy a dad or a boy?


Megz said...

You picked a great day to go to the zoo. It feels like we go there all the time but once I thought about it I think it's been over 2 years now since we've last been. Wish you would've just taken mine with you...
Funny kid quotes.

cold cocoa said...

I like Addie's honesty. It's nice when they can identify why they aren't helpful sometimes!
Happy Mother's Day. Sounds like yesterday was fun and warm...

Diana said...

I seriously love the funny kids sayings! I love how you tell your story how it is.... clearly you've passed that (I think good) trait onto your kids. I love Trey's wanting your feelings to be good but PJ's to be bad. Typical brothers. :)

LC said...

Funny kids!
Looked like a beautiful day for the zoo.
Happy Mother's Day to you! I hope you picked out a little sumpin' fo yoself to go with the giant PB cup.

Sher said...

Landon looked thrilled on that train. I loved the things your kids said. It's always good to write them down so that you can read them over and over and smile every time. Happy Mother's Day a bit late.