Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween festivities

Hooray for Halloween being over. Here are a few pics of the eventful day PJ is a cowboy
Trey is the bob the builder

Addie is a scary witch

The haunted house at Grandma Patty's party was very scary!


I even dressed up as the evil karate mama

Carlene and I ran the Salem witches run this morning. Lots of fun


cold cocoa said...

I didn't know there was a Salem Witches run. That's fun. Way to get into it and even dress up!

Megz said...

Fun costumes.
Totally ready to move onto Thanksgiving now!

Diana said...

Amen to Halloween being over. Now if that hord of candy would go with it.....

Michelle said...

Good for you runners. I can't even run 30 minutes without overheating. Pushing a stroller while doing it doesn't help either.