Sunday, October 4, 2009


I have discovered each of my kids have their own unique ability that they use very well to torture me. Addie is sassy. Trey has horribly tantrums and Peyton is mischievous! Yesterday we heard multiple flushings of the toilet and ran down the hall to discover that Peyton had been cleaning our toilet. I was horrified and impressed. We have the disposable brushes and on his own he had attached it to the wand and scrubbed the toilet. The toilet looked pretty darn good. but he was soaked up to his elbows. (No picture didn't think quick enough about the camera on this one.) Today I heard the bathtub water running and found him in the tub fully clothed.
He disappeared during conference. I ran upstairs to check on him and found that he had opened a box of mac and cheese and emptied it's contents all over the living room floor.
As sad as it is to say this is my reality right now. This was not just one of those weekends this is every day. Hopefully this phase will not last long.


Effie said...

I feel your pain. :)

Megz said...

Ethan was that way. Hub called him the Mishievator.
They do grow out of it if that is any consolation!

cold cocoa said...

That's so funny! Well, since it's not happening to me it is! I love the bathtub one. He can get it the right temperature and everything? And just get in! That's funny.

Emily said...

So I'm thinking if we put him and Tate in the same room they might actually burn it down...scary.

Kelly said...

Every time I check your blog I end up dying of laughter. Those kids are too funny! An Pj sharing his snack with the kitties? I can't stand it. Hilarious.