Friday, October 2, 2009

We are the champions my friend!

Well We finally did it! After four years with two second place finishes and one third, we are finally the co-ed softball champions! I found it to be an especially enjoyable victory because the other team was bragging on facebook that they had already won it before we played. And of course they were very sore losers and accused us of not playing by the rules when they lost. Addie modeling the blanket we won. She has already claimed it
me running to first. totally safe

Our team. Minus Kenneth and Angela Rowley and Heidi D. I hope I didn't forget anyone else.


Effie said...

Congrats! That's awesome!

Megz said...

It's about time you won with all the star power on your team. And your brothers probably were OK too.
Good job!

Diana said...

I'm so friggin pumped that you are a softball victorite (what? It's a word.) As you may or may no know, that game happens to be my fav so I applaud anyone that continues to play.... because it's awesome.

I love that you LITERALLY are a blur because you run down that line so fast.... And looked safe by one mile to me.

and I applaud even more the fact that you under-dogged it to those cocky, good for nothing, facebook game winning assumers. Nothing is sweeter than beating people that feel their presence on the field is the reason God invented softball. Please tell me there was someone from the Haveron family somewhere on that other team. They are FUN to beat. That would make my whole day. ;-D