Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy 38th Anniversary Mom and Dad

My mom and dad celebrated their 38th on September 10th. Since getting married in 1971 they have added 37 members to their family. 8 children 7 in laws and 22 grandchildren. They are and were wonderful parents. They are fabulous grandparents. We sure appreciate everything they do for us.
Their love tree from 1971. It is the heart that says JD + CH

Their new love tree since the other one is dying.

We went to Brick Oven to Celebrate

We had a great time. I hope they have 38 more good years in them.


Megz said...

Maybe next time they can find a more eco-friendly way to declare their love, like planting a tree instead of defacing it. LOL! (just had to throw that in)
Congrats to them and wishes for many more years of bliss!

Lacee DeG said...

Good Times!

Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary! Uncle Jim and Aunt Carla deserve all the best life can give them.

LC said...

What a beautiful backdrop for a big smooch.
Congrats to a great couple.