Monday, October 26, 2009

My baby is turning 2

On the 29th of October Peyton John Huff will be 2 years old. It has been a very busy two years. He joined our family when Trey was only 16 months old. It has been a good but not relaxing time in our lives. This is the very first pic I saw of Peyton. He was 2 days old. I didn't actually meet him in person until he was 2 weeks old. Alabama law allows birth mothers to change their minds up to 14 days after signing.
Peyton has been a joy in our household. He is a happy kid. But he is so mischievous sometimes I think i am going to lose it. He goes by many names such as Peyt, Peyters, PJ, the Tank, Peyby, Pey Pey la pue, fatty.

One of my fave shots of PJ. Rhonda took this photo

another favorite of mine. I love his cheeks and lips

This is his new two year old pic. He was a monster and not cooperative at all. We had to cut him out of a group shot to get one of him at all. What a stinker. I should also add that this morning after getting him dressed for pics, he, yet again, got into the vaseline and hair product and covered his entire body in it. So off went the clothes into the wash. His pants were still wet at the studio. And speaking of group shots....

Here it is! This one is for Landan who is a major Utes fan.
Anyway, happy birthday Peyt! We love you


Effie said...

So cute! He's a good match for my Myla! Actually, on second thought, we better keep them far apart. I'm not sure if I can handle that much destruction in one place.

Megz said...

What a cutie. Hard to believe your baby is two.
I'm pretty sure your kids would look cuter in blue, but the red is nice too. Happy B-day Peyby!

Diana said...

HOW CUTE!!! But if he is this mischevious before he actually is full-fledged into the 2's.... WATCH OUT!!! :)

And Happy Birthday Pey Pey la pue. (that one killed me.)

LC said...

What a photogenic boy! Loved the pictures.
Yeah, Megz is right about the blue--I didn't know there was such a Ute fan in the fam?!