Saturday, October 17, 2009

Isn't fall break great?

Fall break has been very outing full at the huff household. We have gone to Red Barn pumpkin patch, Hee Haw Farms, Docs Pizza, carved our pumpkins into jack o Lanterns, and Addie and I went to see "cloudy with a chance of meatballs" in 3D. Trey insisted on riding lady style on his horse.

Trey loved the corn. Funny thing, I took off his shoes at bedtime last night and it was covered in corn. I can't believe he never complained about his feet.

In the corn Maze, Addie thought we were lost for good and actually cried. Good thing Grandma was there to comfort her.

Trey could have gone down the slides for hours.

enjoying jumping in the hay

At the pumpkin patch I tried really hard to get a good picture of all three but that just isn't going to happen

Addie trying to cheer up Grumpy PJ. He definitely wasn't happiest little pumpkin picker

On the wagon ride back to the barn

Look at our great jack o lanterns! Fun times! Landan actually joined in on this activity.


Megz said...

Fun times--so nice to do fall activites in summer-like weather isn't it?
(Docs Pizza??? We ended up there once and vowed never to go back. 'pizza' and 'buffet' were not words meant to go together!)

PJ - Our life said...

Looks like Landon really enjoyed it too!

Ray said...

I think it's hilarious Landon never looks happy in pics.

Michelle said...

Last time we went pumpkin huntin' I was bowled over by a lady pulling one of those pumpkin/baby toting carts. I hurt for days. Glad you didn't have the same experience or knock someone to the asphalt with your cart.

Diana said...

Landon looks ever so pumped to be involved. That picture is hysterical. I'm sure he laughs sometimes right? ;)